Since launching the first global movement to end avoidable blindness, we have changed how the world talks about blindness, unlocked funding that benefits the vision of millions, and raised awareness across the globe. And we’re just getting started. Here is just some of our impact so far:


A $40 Million Boost for Vision Initiatives

See Now mobilised over 80,000 Americans to bolster the advocacy work of our friends at Prevent Blindness. Together we secured an increase of $40million for eye health initiatives in the US. The Vision Health Initiative at the CDC had its funding doubled, the Glaucoma Project received a much-needed funding boost, and the National Eye Institute received a massive $39 million increase!


Restored Funding for School Vision Screenings in Iowa

When funding was slashed to programs ensuring Iowan children received quality school vision screenings, See Now and Prevent Blindness Iowa stepped up to fight for that funding back. By telling real stories, and a combination of offline and digital tactics, we were able to get the funding restored, ensuring Iowa’s kids can learn to their potential with healthy, clear vision. Check out the video here.

victory in Iowa


Enabled Millions to Experience Sight Loss First-Hand

With our innovative Sight Simulator, See Now makes it possible for people across the world to experience some of the most of common forms of vision loss. Using the camera in your smartphone, or Google Streetview, you can now experience varying levels of severity of conditions like Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy. Try it for yourself here.


Reached Tens of Millions Across the Globe

We broke outside of the eye health sector’s traditional audiences to reach millions of people across the world through creative content that people could connect with. We created the world’s most viewed video about eye health, our World Sight Day content achieved over 5 million views, and we amplified the incredible work being done by eye health heroes across the sector.


Mobilised Political Support from Both Sides

See Now believes that the eyesight of everyday people should never be a partisan issue. Which is why through our campaigns in the United States we have galvanised support for vision health initiatives from both Republicans and Democrats.

Republican support


Engaged Thousands at the Tipping Point of Trachoma

We worked with the International Coalition for Trachoma Control to mobilise thousands of people to help tell the world about the fight to eliminate trachoma. Collective action on this issue is aiming for a trachoma-free world by 2020. By encouraging people to take #selfeyes we celebrated the beauty and diversity of eyes to champion the fight against trachoma. Watch our two minute tutorial on how to make your own here.


Amplified Real Stories to Show the Value of Vision

By capturing and amplifying real stories of people across the world who have avoided a life of blindness, we have been able to champion the need for governments, institutions and businesses to invest in vision initiatives for their constituents, members and employees. The impact of these investments affect not only the individual, but their families and communities, proving that investment in eye care is good for all of society.