In India, a shocking number of young children are blind – and many do not need to be. But one person is doing as much as she can to give sight back to these kids.


Meet Dr Ganesh

Meet Dr Ganesh! She’s dedicated her life to saving the sight of kids in Delhi

Posted by See Now on Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Dr Suma Ganesh is an eye doctor for children in New Delhi, India. She says, “giving sight is a big gift you can give to any human being.”

Wanting to give as big of a gift as possible, Dr Ganesh became the head of medical education at Dr Schroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. She has now dedicated her life to helping children overcome blindness wherever she can.

On the outskirts of Delhi, she screened 80 children. 24 of them had blindness that could have been prevented. That is a lot of kids who are blind who did not have to be!

17 of those children were blind from a corneal scar. Since they did not have treatment, their corneas melted. They are now in blind schools.

Dr Ganesh says that vaccinations and better nutrition can change this. If children were immunized and did not have vitamin A deficiency, there would be a lot less blind children in India.

“We cannot accept in this era that our children become blind because of a vitamin A deficiency.”

She knew that many children cannot come to Delhi, so it was necessary to reach out. That is why she started a screening program in order to train new doctors. These doctors will be able to treat young children with blindness across Delhi and the country.

At the moment, Dr Ganesh sees up to 65 children every day, and the hospital does 1,900 surgeries in a year.

But how many children can one doctor treat?

4 out of 5 people who are blind do not have to be. You can help Dr Ganesh save the sight of millions! Just click here: